What's in a smile?

These smiles could be memories stirred up by an aroma that brings back a taste of childhood cake or pie. Or they could be due to the fact that our items are baked fresh each day, and contain no perservatives & only natural ingredients.

Whatever the reason, we’ll take it. Our unique creations are labors of love made during what are often 15-hour workdays, and it’s pure satisfaction for us to hear you say our baked goods smell or taste just like your grandma used to make.

And just like the family table during holiday get-togethers, things sometimes run out. If your favorite item isn’t available, please let us know so we can recommend a new favorite for you to try. Or come back to see what we have in store tomorrow. No matter the day, one thing is for sure: our tasty offerings are always fresh and in season.

About the Bakery


Tender, flaky, crunchy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside. Shortcake’s name is meant to evoke a range of textures and flavors, and though shortcakes aren’t our main focus (taste is), we pride ourselves on always delivering a palate-pleasing experience.

Our day starts with morning pastries baked on-site. Our from-scratch scones are a local crowd-pleaser, and we invite you to try our popular and flavorful empanada-like chicken or beef patties, which used to be served for lunch but are now available all day due to customer request.

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Our History

Originally from Trinidad in the Caribbean, owner Cheryl Harrington’s parents settled in Mattapan, Massachusetts, where they opened a home-style bakery. It was here Cheryl found flour was in her veins.


She assisted her parents in baking holiday cakes, pies, and cookies, as well as designing wedding cakes, and learned tips and tricks from her grandmother Mana. Though after college she was no longer working at the bakery, Cheryl still gravitated toward the kitchen, baking for friends and family.

Cheryl found baking cathartic, and would settle in after a stressful day at work with some 70s music playing and bake. Eventually, this also led to her finding her way back to wedding cakes and birthday cakes for friends, family, and strangers alike. Each of the recipients of her baked goods said the same: “You should open a bakery.” And so, in 2011, with the love and support of her family, she opened Shortcake Bakery.

Come Find Us


We partnered with Community Forklift to provide you with a uniquely decorated dining experience. Our designers installed reclaimed flooring, a refurbished chandelier, and repurposed five-panel oak doors used as tables to set the tone, and the outcome is warm, comfortable, and inviting.

Our building has been described as resembling both a castle and a cake, with its turrets and pink and yellow paint. Either way, our doors are open to you and we look forward to welcoming you in soon!

A great place for small group meetings or get-togethers with seating for 24, you can also take advantage of free Wi-Fi and our in-house library where you can browse or buy for anywhere from $1-$5 per book.


4700 Rhode Island Ave Hyattsville, MD 20781






Tuesday - Friday
7:30am - 5:30pm

8am - 4pm

Sunday - Monday


Absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the area at a business meeting and stopped in. This lil bakery seemed as if it was in the middle of nowhere but I knew there had to be something extra special inside as most remote businesses have to be good enough in order to hold their own and this little bakery that could packs a mean punch!

OMG! Some of the best Guava and Cream Cheese pastries I have ever had. Warmed and flaky but yet cripsy outside and tender and tasty inside. That delicate balance was so good on my palette that comparable to a crack-head, I feel like I dun “took a hit”. lol

The oatmeal scone was also good. All goods are baked in house from scratch.

I will definitely be back. The trouble is how do I simply order only two. 🙂

Tony W. Washington, DC

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