At Shortcake Bakery, we serve up the freshest baked goods with great customer service.


An old-fashioned small-batch bakery with a modern flair, we are committed to providing our community with mouthwatering made-from-scratch products ranging from the sweet to savory, in addition to birthday, wedding, and specialty cakes.


Every item is baked fresh for today, and contain only natural ingredients with no preservatives.


The best selections from Shortcake:


The Shortcake Story

Originally from Trinidad in the Caribbean, owner Cheryl Harrington’s parents settled in Mattapan, Massachusetts, where they opened a home-style bakery.
It was here Cheryl found flour was in her veins.

She assisted her parents in baking holiday cakes, pies, and cookies, as well as designing wedding cakes, and learned tips and tricks from her grandmother Nana. Though after college she was no longer working at the bakery, Cheryl still gravitated toward the kitchen, baking for friends and family.

Cheryl found baking cathartic, and would settle in after a stressful day at work with some 70s music playing and bake. Eventually, this also led to her finding her way back to wedding cakes and birthday cakes for friends, family, and strangers alike. Each of the recipients of her baked goods said the same: “You should open a bakery.” And so, in 2011, with the love and support of her family, she opened Shortcake Bakery.

Wedding Cakes

Our wedding cakes are a marriage of good looks and delicious ingredients.

Wedding Cake Request:

We encourage brides to schedule a consultation early, meeting with us to go over selections of a range of options. Our cakes are individualized to each bride and groom, with “no one size fits all” mentality: we want to bake something representative of your favorite colors, hobbies, and the like—a cake you’d make for yourself if you chose to bake it.

Awards / Recognitions

Entrepreneur of the Year
by Collective Empowerment Group

Where to Pick Up Thanksgiving Desert
by Washington Post

Cheap Eats
by Washingtonian Magazine

What I’m Eating Now
by Washingtonian Magazine

Recognized by Democratic Leader Nacy Pelosi and Congresswoman Donna Edwards for “leading the way” in reviving the middle class.

Where to Spend $40 in Hyattsville
by Washington Post


Absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the area at a business meeting and stopped in. This lil bakery seemed as if it was in the middle of nowhere but I knew there had to be something extra special inside as most remote businesses have to be good enough in order to hold their own and this little bakery that could packs a mean punch!

OMG! Some of the best Guava and Cream Cheese pastries I have ever had. Warmed and flaky but yet cripsy outside and tender and tasty inside. That delicate balance was so good on my palette that comparable to a crack-head, I feel like I dun “took a hit”. lol

The oatmeal scone was also good. All goods are baked in house from scratch.

I will definitely be back. The trouble is how do I simply order only two. 🙂

Tony W. Washington, DC